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Hellnotes & Douglas E Wright – Moving On



Hello Hellnote Readers,
Most of you do not know me personally, yet some may know me through my stories, conventions or even by my name alone.  And if you don’t know me at all, let me introduce myself. (The spider said to the fly . . . or was it Mick Jagger?)

My name is Douglas E Wright, or as my publishers and friends have called me, just plain Doug.

I’ve been writing for an awfully long time, have had some things published here and there. A couple of years ago (could be less, could be more) I applied to David Silva & Judi Rohrig to take over the duties of the Hellnotes small Twitter universe. And they saw fit to allow me to do this. It wasn’t long afterwards I thought, what’s Twitter without a Facebook page? I don’t think there were fan pages at the time, so I made it as a person rather than a business. (I did try the fan page later, but chickened out because I didn’t want to lose 800 or so FB followers in one full swoop.)

Anyway, long story short, as advertised on July 10th 2012 on the Hellnotes website, (and on Hellnotes Twitter and this FB page) JournalStone Publishing has purchased the Hellnotes.com site and everything attached to the domain. So, sometime today I will be turning over the Twitter account to the new owners and have been asked to delete this page.

As of today, (July 11 / 12) I will not be updating this page any longer, but will leave it up for a day or so with the new FB fan page attached. That way, hopefully, everyone of you 1500 will migrate to the new fan page. (Also putting this note on my own FB page for my followers, in case some of you are not already following Hellnotes. And if you’re not . . . why not? lol)

So before I relinquish my duties to Hellnotes twitter and delete this Facebook page, I just want to say, that over the time I’ve been directing those to Hellnotes.com, I have thoroughly enjoyed reposting, posting, (when Hellnotes news was in short supply) promoting and corresponding with you, the readers and creators of this little venture we call the horror genre. It was a blast and it was interesting, but more than anything, it was a huge learning experience. Thank you all & especially a great big thanks to David Silva & Judi Rohrig for giving me this opportunity.

So, without dragging this out, let’s all hop onto the new Hellnotes FB fan page!

Hellnotes FaceBook Fan Page

Douglas E Wright (or just plain Doug)