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Muttley Relaxing

Muttley Relaxing

An update ~

I have one novel manuscript out yet in the great publisher’s cloud with no answer in sight. I have another that few people have looked at and one writer friend is looking at as I write this update. He has already sent back the first ten chapters and there will be a fair amount of work to do with it when I start the rewrite. W

ith that said, I am so grateful to this writer because he’s got a ton on his own plate and he’s taking his busy time to help me out.

As far as the manuscript I’m working on at the moment, (I call it the oil story) I stopped it for the time being to write a short story for a little contest. That story went really well, until I realized I hadn’t followed the guidelines quite close enough. So, today I rewrote the whole damned thing again, from front to back. Tomorrow (Saturday) I will rework it and probably polish it to send in this weekend.

I’ve been reading a lot lately, trying to do more reading than writing actually. For a while I was reading lots of Weston Ochse and then put his books aside for a bunch of Joe Lansdale. Now I’m reading Lee Thompson. I am determined to read all of his novels and novellas over the next couple of weeks, including those I’ve already read. If you’ve never heard of him, go online and read his latest. It’s online as a serial. Right now he’s on Chapter 23. But if you liked to read it in its entirety for free, go here.

Summer is about 1/2 over and Victoria really hasn’t seen much of summer yet. This is my 3rd one here and it’s far from warm. There certainly are times I wish I was sitting along the St Lawrence watching the freighters go by. Not that I don’t get them here, because we do. Just not as close. I can’t hear the soft banging of their engines at night or hear their horns. But then again, I don’t have ice or snow in the winter. So, something had to give right? Besides, I have a FB friend, Joanne Crack, living in Prescott Ontario that posts the St Lawrence online. So, that helps. Lol

As I sit here near midnight, I look at my dog Muttley, those who know me know I got him from the Whitehorse pound a few years ago. At the time he weighed about 10 pounds. Now he’s 27. The old guy is turning grey and I guess he’s likely about eight years old. I’ve had him more than four. He’s still very lively and takes over the couch when Catherine gets up. Anyway, he’s doing fine and is very loveable.

Okay, time to get back to reading Lee’s novel, ‘Iron Butterflies Rust.’

Talk soon.



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